Hawaii Five-O Suits: White Is Outta-Sight

An all white suit is normally associated with another larger-than-life 70s icon; Mr. Roarke of Fantasy Island and Five-0 alumnus.

But in episode #243, "Small Potatoes", McGarrett trades in his blues and goes undercover in white; a disguise that doesn't hide his persona for long. This is one of several occasions that McGarrett transforms himself, and his fashion, to get closer to criminals.

In an interesting coincidence, both Danno (James MacArthur) and hustler, Johnny Noah (Richard Romanus) also wear white suits in this episode.

Five-0 Factoid: Long before his famous role as island host, Mr. Roarke, Ricardo Montalban appears in episode #4,"Samurai" and then #98, "Death Wish On Tantalus Mountain".