Hawaii Five-O Suits: The McGarrett Blue

The quintessential suit for McGarrett's wardrobe is the blue.

Over the years the fashion has included more polyester and the lapels have widened. But no one can deny its indelible mark on his style and character.

Cotroneo Costume of Hollywood, made several of these suits; wide-lapeled with outer-exposed pockets and in a range of colors. All were custom made of heavy polyester fabric with Jack Lord's name and sometimes the date of issue printed inside. This style was screen-worn in the latter half of the series.

This suit is complete and with the correct boots. It's pictured here in between takes from episode #237, "A Stranger In His Grave"

Five-0 Factoid: McGarrett, from the very beginning, wore his 3-button suit jackets with only the middle one buttoned.

Hawaii Five-O Suits: "The Man" In Tan

If there was ever a suit to play second-string in McGarrett's wardrobe it was the tan. And nothing says 70s like this hand-tailored Cotroneo!

This complete suit, tie, shirt and shoes are all original and screen-worn. This is a fantastic example of the fashion of the day.

Interestingly, tan suits are seldom associated with McGarrett, but are worn frequently over the course of the series. Another example below.

Five-0 Factoid: "The Man" was to be the original name of the series and in season one, at times the governor is referred to as "The Man".


Hawaii Five-O Suits: Light Blue Is The Right Blue

McGarrett had a few off-shoots of blue, from blue-gray to powder. Now paired with a tie and shoes, this is a fine example of his varying screen-worn look.

This style of suit with the correct tie can be seen in several episodes including #272 "For Old Times Sake".

Five-0 Factoid: Cotroneo Costume also created fashion wardrobes for Sonny Bono and other celebrities of that era.


Hawaii Five-O Suits: White Is Outta-Sight

An all white suit is normally associated with another larger-than-life 70s icon; Mr. Roarke of Fantasy Island and Five-0 alumnus.

But in episode #243, "Small Potatoes", McGarrett trades in his blues and goes undercover in white; a disguise that doesn't hide his persona for long. This is one of several occasions that McGarrett transforms himself, and his fashion, to get closer to criminals.

In an interesting coincidence, both Danno (James MacArthur) and hustler, Johnny Noah (Richard Romanus) also wear white suits in this episode.

Five-0 Factoid: Long before his famous role as island host, Mr. Roarke, Ricardo Montalban appears in episode #4,"Samurai" and then #98, "Death Wish On Tantalus Mountain".

Hawaii Five-O Shirts: More Five-0 Fashion

Tropical weather was never as formidable an opponent as Wo Fat was to McGarrett. So naturally, even long sleeve aloha shirts were standard in McGarrett's and Jack Lord's personal wardrobe. And they came in an awesome array of colors and patterns.

This shirt is still in outstanding condition and as you can see from the picture the correct hat and necklace would complete the look nicely.

Fashion Factoid: Jack Lord has a history of wearing long sleeves and even hats in tropical weather.

Photos taken behind the scenes of Dr. No in Jamaica(1962), show a classy long-sleeved JL(not in his Felix Leiter costume)along side a bikinied Ursula Andress and a casual Sean Connery.


Hawaii Five-O Shirts: The Lord Lounge Look

Jack Lord knew when to work hard and play hard. In this zebra-styled shirt, he did both. While directing in this shirt behind the camera, he also ends up in front.

The dark lounge scene with McGarrett pimpin' this look is episode #258, "The Skyline Killer".